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A Shipwreck Under Yanbu’s Sea Is A Favorite Among Divers Who Have Found It Beyond FASCINATING

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We love everything about Yanbu, in fact, we urge everyone who has yet to visit to read this article and be convinced to check it out yourself. The port city, located by the Red Sea, is home to undeniably the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.

And one of the things Yanbu is its unhinged rep for being one of the many focal diving sites in the Kingdom.

In fact, there’s one particular underwater discovery that has been a favorite for deep-sea divers from all over the world.

(Image Credits: ScreenGrab/ YouTube/ Louis de Wet)

The Iona shipwreck has been in Yanbu’s sea since World War 1

Many different reports and theories have come up regarding the shipwreck that most divers visit Yanbu for. In a forum on Wrecksite.com, a user shares that the wreck in Yanbu was identified as the SS Iona through its engine numbers and other factors.

According to the source, theories state that the ship never really sunk but was captured by the Germans and then handed to their allies in the First World War who were the Turks. Hence, it is situated in the Res Sea and ran onto a reef off the coast of Yanbu at an unknown date.

Divers from across the globe travel to Yanbu specifically for the wreck

One of the many interesting finds for divers is seeing ship wrecks under water just as much as they do witnessing the beauty of coral reefs, fish and serenity under the sea.

There’s an ah-may-zing shallow reef right by the wreck too

If that’s not the definition of vivid, then I don’t know what is.

Wanna check it out for yourself?

Wether you’re a seasoned scuba diver or a newbie to the game, there are a bunch of groups you can find online that schedule group diving sessions to a couple of sites in Yanbu. The Iona shipwreck included.

We recommend contacting Dream Diver and seeing the type of package that suits you best.

Have fun exploring!

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