#RainInRiyadh Tweets Are Trending And It'll Show You Just How Much Saudis LOVE When It Rains

Raining In Riyadh Saudi

It's been a crazy week of ever-changing and shocking weather this week not just in the entire Kingdom but the region too. Heavy rains and thunderstorms were apparent in areas like Tabuk, Taif and Makkah, which even resulted in floods.

As of Saturday, the The General Directorate of Civil Defense in the Riyadh region even warned its residents to 'be careful and take precautionary measures after moderate to heavy rainfall was predicted in the region.'

It's the first day following these announcements but Riyadhis were awestruck by the Sunday morning post-rain vibes

So much so that it resulted in a trending hashtag on Saudi Twitter.

After all, who could blame us desert folks for wanting a little rain to accompany our morning coffee?

Everyone seems to be in cheery moods, ready for work and school- all thanks to the cloudy skies

People's excitements are growing stronger for the winter weather

'Woke up to the sound of rain'

And people's mood seem to be more cheerful, with well wishes being shared on Twitter by the second

All this raining is brightening moods, instead of the opposed- just how we like it.

Nothing like Fayrouz, a cup of coffee and a view of the rain from your window

We like how this Twitter user commemorates the weather.

There was some traffic in certain areas in the morning

But none seemed to mind.

The thunderstorms and downpour were intense last night (Saturday)

The raining continued all the way until after midnight on Saturday.

Exhibit A...

The Saudi Directorate is urging people in Riyadh not to go out in heavy rainfall 'unless necessary'

According to Arab News, The Saudi directorate is asking Riyadhis not to go out in heavy rainfall unless necessary and to be extra careful when driving in the rain, staying out of floodwater.

This is probably due to the instances that took place on Thursday following the rescuing of 49 people who were stranded in valleys during heavy rains in Tabuk.

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8 Reasons Why We Love The Rain In Saudi

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