OMG: Makkah And Other Parts Of The Kingdom Is Preparing For Extremely Heavy Rains That Have ALREADY Started

The weather is expected to continue until Thursday.

Rain In Saudi

Brace yourselves, Saudi residents for the raining has begun again.

The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection warned that heavy winds, with thunder and rains, would hit Jizan, Asir and Baha heights, and even the coast side from today (Wednesday) until Thursday.

Ohhhhh boy!

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There's a possibility of flash floods in Makkah this week too

No one can deny the beauty in the sound of the heavy rains.

However, what follow a after (ehm, flash floods) isn't always a pretty sight or situation to be in.

And the Meteorology adds that Makkah might just witness extreme weather conditions. It is also currently preparing itself for possible flash floods as a result of the thunder and rain.

Heavy fogs were witnessed in Makkah on Wednesday morning, with hundreds of photos akin to the one below posted all over social media.

Severe weather warnings have been issued by authorities

Strong winds and high waves have been predicted by the Meteorology department as well as AccuWeather whom foresee the predictions occurring in the Red Sea.

Even Yanbu will experience pretty heavy rains from today until Thursday

Citizens across the entire Kingdom are being warned by the Civil Defense to stay careful and cautious of their surroundings. Authorities say residents should abstain from visiting valleys or any areas that are prone to flooding.

If you're planning on camping out, having a picnic- it's best to also choose a location that's unlikely to result in a flash flood.

Stay safe, peeps.

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