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You Can Soon Fly Over Al Ula In Vintage Aircrafts

The Winter at Tantora festival is right around the corner. It is the biggest festival in Al Ula and lasts for 12 weeks starting on the 19th of December. For visitors, the lineup includes performances by renowned artists, pop-up restaurants, hot air balloon rides and the Dakar Rally amongst loads of other things. One of … Continued

Winter At Tantora Returning with A Second Edition Soon At Al-Ula Historical City

Winter at Tantora is returning for a second season at Al-Ula historical region on December 19, 2019, to March 7, 2020. The management of Winter at Tantora organized spectacular events for all ages to provide an exceptional winter experience to visitors of all ages. Al-Ula’s beautiful scenes can’t be missed! https://twitter.com/WinterAtTantora/status/1191338688229396480?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1191338688229396480&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Flovinsaudia.com%2F%25d8%25a3%25d8%25b3%25d9%2584%25d9%2588%25d8%25a8-%25d8%25a7%25d9%2584%25d8%25ad%25d9%258a%25d8%25a7%25d8%25a9%2F%25d8%25a7%25d9%2584%25d8%25b3%25d9%2581%25d8%25b1%2F%25d8%25a7%25d8%25b3%25d8%25aa%25d8%25b9%25d8%25af%25d8%25a7%25d8%25af%25d8%25a7%25d8%25aa-%25d8%25b6%25d8%25ae%25d9%2585%25d8%25a9-%25d9%2584%25d8%25b4%25d8%25aa%25d8%25a7%25d8%25a1-%25d8%25b7%25d9%2586%25d8%25b7%25d9%2588%25d8%25b1%25d8%25a9-%25d8%25a8%25d8%25af%25d9%2588%25d8%25b1%25d8%25aa%25d9%2587-%25d8%25a7%25d9%2584%2F The festival highlights a … Continued

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