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Breaking: Abha’s Airport Was Attacked Early This Morning And 9 People Have Been Injured

After two attacks in less than a month, the Houthis have attacked Abha’s airport again early in the morning today. According to the Arab News, nine people were injured by the Houthi drone strike. Among the injured were eight Saudis and one Indian. The drone struck at 12:35 AM in the morning. The airport’s operations … Continued

Breaking: Abha’s Airport Is Attacked And One Syrian Man Is Killed

The Houthis have been consistently attempting to attack Abha’s international airport over the past month or so. They did try again yesterday and one man was killed and 21 others were injured. According to the Arab News, the coalition fighting the Houthis in Yemen promised a strong response. They also said that the attack proved … Continued

BREAKING: Abha Is Attacked Again As Houthis Fire Another Missile To The City

Just less than a week ago Abha’s International Airport was attacked by the Houthis that injured 26 people. The Houthis attempted to attack it again yesterday. According to the Arab News, the Saudi forces intercepted a ballistic missile over the city on Saturday. And, that’s not just it. Just a day before the attempted attack … Continued

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