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Saudi Has A Stand At The World Travel Market – Here Are 5 Top Saudi Spots That Will Feature

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Saudi is an untapped gem of beautiful getaways.

There are SO MANY incredible spots to visit and the world is about to see it.

The World Travel Market is one of the world’s leading travel markets, each year it gets big press and this year Saudi will take centre stage! In line with Saudi’s mission in developing the Kingdom as a top tourist spot and increasing travel opportunities, its participation in the event will highlight all the incredible travel opportunities within the Kingdom.

Here are five TOP trips that are ideal for both tourists AND locals: check out these top spots

5. Medina

The major Islamic pilgrimage site (where you’ll find the Prophet’s Mosque) is already a popular trip for locals and expats.

4. Sudair

This historical region in central Saudi, a trip here will take you through many of the smaller Sudair towns where dates (known as kudry) are highly prized.

3. Umrah

People will travel from all over the world to perform Umrah and complete the pilgrimage to Mecca. Saudi tourism is operating a tour to arrange all travel arrangements, making your trip completely care free.

2. Jeddah safari

The vast Saudi desert has to be seen to be believed – the safari tour involves a traditional bedouin tent experience, falconry, quad biking and more. This is an experience for everyone!

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1. Al Ola

A truly fascinating city, Ola was historically on the incense route and within the city you’ll still find archaeological remnants, some over 2,000 years old. History buffs will adore this trip.

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