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There’s A New Ladies-Only Indoor Cycling In Town And It’s ALL The RAGE Right Now

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SoCycle in Riyadh has opened up the Kingdom’s anticipated, indoor-cycling studio just for women and it has managed to create so much HYPE.

If you’re unsure what all the madness is about, then you’re definitely in for a surprise (and quite possibly a newfound hobby!)

Located at the Rubeen Plaza with a fabulous setting that’s oh-so-beautiful at night, SoCycle involves a 45-minute session that leaves you sweating, energised, replenished and aptly ready for more.

So why has this indoor-cycling from SoCycle become such a craze?

Well, first off, it’s not your usual workout.

You know the type? The ones that leave you breathless, ready to hop off and ditch a class mid-session due to the pain, the effort and the intensity you never expected.

Yeah, SoCycle’s classes aren’t at all like that.

SoCycle classes not only change your body, but lift your soul

Imagine combining a yoga class and a cardio workout all into one and getting all the benefits of those two. The instructor leads the way to how the session begins, climaxes and ends- often while chanting supportive, encouraging and inspiring mantras that speak to your soul.

Everyone comes to fitness classes for, often, different health reasons or physical objectives but what those people don’t know is that with SoCycle- you end up with more benefits than you initially sought out for.

Isn’t that something?

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It’s the funkiest ride in Riyadh located in a super modern and eclectic studio

Not a second goes by during a cycling sesh at SoCycle where one would ever feel or think of the word ‘bored.’ The challenge of beating your last progress through a performance analysis app (emailed to you by them) is a feat worthy enough to keep competitive spirits alive.

Who isn’t a little competitive low-key anyway?

Each class usually has a couple or more tracks customised to keep the peddler’s energy going, along with the dark-lit room (leaving you free of feeling shy) and the coaches will always be there to make sure you keep with the pace.

You don’t even need to have a membership, unlike other gyms

The BEST part about merely trying or attending a SoCycle class is that you. don’t.need.a.membership.

Zero, nada, zilch.

Everything is pretty much a pay-per-ride situation where you can opt to pay after a class or pre-pay for a set of classes (depending on how many you can) per week or month.

Although, it should be noted that SoCycle isn’t a gym or a fitness centre but the home of the cyclers community in Riyadh.

Classes are incredibly affordable and WORTH IT

Considering that each SoCycle session can make you lose almost 500-800 calories minimum (OH YES, it’s true!), the price for a SAR 80 for your first session is pretty much a STEAL.

You have the option to pre-pay for a three-month or year-long package too. If you want to, that is and you get to attend at any given time you wish.

More deets on prices here.

There are 3 different cycling programs: Solo, Social and Soul- one for each mood you’re feeling

Imagine being able to customise the music you peddle to, the speed at which you cycle and the vibe you’re feeling on whichever day you feel like going.

That’s also the kind of personalisation that exists solely on the premises of SoCycle’s haven of a studio.

There’s the solo ride where you go on a high-energy, high-intensity journey alone at your own pace with the beat of the music. Then there’s the social ride, where intensity is just a little more moderate but with a rhythm-based choreography (you get to jam along too) and you get to ride with your crew.

And last but certainly not least, the soul ride, often the choice for those feeling stressed, anxious and lost. It’s a low-intensity ride, that’s still a chill body workout, good for recovery and indeed allows you to connect to your inner cores: the heart and the soul.

Ladies, you’re in luck cus SoCycle has just opened up in Riyadh and you can try your first class for FREE- here’s how:

Wanna try out your first class completely FREE of charge? All you gotta do is download the ‘SoCycle’ app on the AppStore and sign up for your class.

Et voila!

For more information on SoCycle, please contact: 011 475 2170 or visit http://socycle.me/

Check them out on Instagram too where you can join in on the girl love and support from other riders in the city.

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