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The New Mercedes A-Class Might Just Be The Slickest Car You’ve Ever Seen

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Do you remember as a kid thinking motorized windows were the ULTIMATE cool car feature?

Well, times have changed, cars have upgraded, but I have not been AS impressed by new car features until now. You can speak to the new A-Class like a human AND it does the hard work (parking) for you.

Rolling up to any hotel in Dubai in this car will get you noticed AND it comes with a price tag that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are five awesome features in the new Mercedes A-Class

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5. It operates at the touch of a button

You’ve seen cars that start at the touch of a button right? Well, this car opens at the touch of a button, starts at the touch of a button and the fully interactive dashboard is changeable at the touch of a button. SO SLICK!

4. It’s a thing of beauty inside and out

The incredible attention to design detail doesn’t end when you step inside, the slick inner panels make this car truly stand out. It’s okay to fall in love with a car, right?!

Screenshot 2018 09 16 12 34 11

3. A luxury brand you can afford

Strike what you might think about Mercedes as an unattainable luxury brand, the epic features in this car are built with a younger generation in mind and there’s a price tag to match. Find out more here.

Screenshot 2018 09 16 12 25 50

2. Wirelessly charing your phone has never looked so cool

Screenshot 2018 09 16 12 26 04

1. Talk to the new A-Class like you’re talking to a human

This is TOTALLY intuitive.

The ‘Natural Voice Control’ feature is so good it’s nearly human, you don’t even need to ASK for something. This is a car that will lower the temp if you simply say “I am cold” rather than using a command like “turn the temperature to 24 degrees”. Genius!

Just say “Hey Mercedes” and you can get going.

The new A Class is the coolest, techiest Benz available right now – and it’s just so beautiful!

Find out everything you need to know about Mercedes Benz here

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