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A Fun Colour Run And Festival Is Coming To Riyadh And Jeddah And Here’s All You Need To Know

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The time has come, for some colour in this fun run!

Who doesn’t love being covered in all the shades of the rainbow? Get your fitness on (-ish) at the most fun run you’ll ever experience, taking place in both Riyadh and Jeddah. The Color Run presented by Sunsilk is a 5-km colour run, where thousands from your local community will join in the run whilst having the added fun of throwing around some coloured-powder!

Count us in!

The best part? You don’t have to feel time-pressured because it will NOT be timed. I repeat, not timed.

Just a fun, run in the sun, with your pals and gals- or mates and families.

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هل اعتقدت أن يتوقف المرح عند خط النهاية؟ فكر مرة أخرى! قد بدأ المرح للتو! استعد للانغماس في مزيج من الألوان خلال ال Finish Festival بما فيه الموسيقى والرقص أيضاً .ستقام فعالية سباق الألوان "أسعد خمسة كيلومترات على كوكب الأرض" يوم 26 أكتوبر في الرياض ويوم 2 نوفمبر في جدة. احجز تذاكرك الحين عبر الرابط في البايو If you think the fun ends at the finish line, think again! The fun has just begun! Get ready to soak in a combination of vivid colors during the unforgettable Finish Festival along with music and dancing during the #Happiest5K on the Planet, in Riyadh on October 26th and in Jeddah on November 2nd. Book now at the link in our bio #TheColorRunKSA #سباق_الألوان #الوانك_مالها_حدود

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A larger-than-life festival with music, food, good weather, dancing and ‘grammable moments will take place right after the run…

To celebrate the joyous adventure that was your run, The Color Run event has decided to splash it off with a fun post-run party, aptly named The Finish Festival where smiles and laughter take over!

Fo sho.

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لا تزال فرحة الأمس تطغو على اليوم. أليس كذلك؟ شكرًا مجددًا لكلّ من شارك معنا في سباق الألوان الذي نظمته صانسيلك في المملكة العربية السعودية لأول مرّة شاهد الفيديو من أسعد خمسة كيلومترات في الخبر هل وجدت نفسك في الفيديو؟ أو أحد أصدقائك؟ هيّا اذكرهم وابقى على اطلاع على مستجداتنا كي تستمرّ متعة الألوان Who else is still on cloud nine after yesterday? We know we are Thank you again everyone who joined us at The Color Run presented by @sunsilkarabia in KSA for the first time ever Check out the video from the #Happiest5K in Khobar See yourself or someone you know? Get tagging Stay tuned for updates about more colorful fun coming soon

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Each registered runner will receive a 2019 Limited Edition Participation Pack


For simply taking part in all the fun, every runner who has registered ahead of time can pick up their very own participation packs in select destinations on site. There’s a different spot in Riyadh and another in Jeddah.

Get doused in colour and take a snap of every glorious moment

The Color Run KSA happening in Riyadh and Jeddah is your chance to see yourself and your peers splashed in so many colours with not a care in the world.

Thousands of fun runners take part in The Color Run, so make sure to grab your pals and enjoy the fun for yourselves!

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يوم الأسرة الأكثر مرحاً شارف على الوصول حان الوقت لاستلام عدة التسجيل الخاصة بكم المكان: الظهران مول ( المدخل 3) التاريخ والوقت: الاثنين 18 حتى الجمعة 22، 4 مساءً حتى 10 مساءً يمكنك أيضًا التسجيل خلال هذه الأوقات باستخدام CASH للحصول على عدتك مباشرة لا تنس تحميل صورة لعدتك عبر #سباق_الألوان ارفعوا يديكم 🙌 اذا كنتم متحمسون The most colorful family day out is closer than you think! It is now time to collect your Participant Kits Location: @mall_of_dhahran (Entrance 3) Date & Time: Monday 18th until Friday 22nd, 4pm until 10pm You can also register during these times with CASH and get your Kit straight away Don’t forget to upload a photo of your Kit using the hashtag #Happiest5k Put your hands up 🙌 if you're as excited as we are @sunsilkarabia @enjoy_saudi @ep_events_sa

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The important information:

The Color Run in Riyadh will take place on October 26, while Jeddah’s will commence on November 2.


You can go for the cash registration and pick up your participant pack on Wednesday, October 16 until October 25th in U Walk Riyadh between 6pm-12am. VIP runners can collect theirs from October 22, Tuesday.

Get your Riyadh tickets at the location above or here.


Head to Mall of Arabia in Jeddah for your cash registration and to pick up your participation packs, between October 23, Wednesday until November 1st from 10am-10pm.

Get your Jeddah tickets at the location above or here. 

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ماذا تنتظر؟ قاربت التذاكر على النفاد؟سارع، فربما تكون هذه فرصتك الأخيرة للتسجيل في سباق الألوان برعاية صانسيلك والذي سيقام يوم السبت القادم! لم يتبق لدينا سوى قياسات محدودة من القمصان! سارع واحجز مكانك في أسعد خمسة كيلومترات على الموقع الموجود في الbio What's that now? Tickets are nearly SOLD OUT?? It's almost your last chance to register for The Color Run presented by @sunsilkarabia happening this Saturday!! We now have LIMITED SIZES remaining! Hurry up and book your spot to the #Happiest5K by clicking on the link in bio @enjoy_saudi @ep_events_sa

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