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7 Ways This Futuristic App Will Make Your Lifestyle In Saudi SO Much Easier

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We can all agree that the struggle is real when it comes to doing your laundry. You’re urged to separate your darks from lights, leaving aside the whites and the delicate too, which can easily increase the number of loads. Let alone the stress of choosing the right detergent, reading the wash label instructions, and air drying certain items.

Thankfully, a much-needed mobile app called CleanLine is here to make your life easy.

You can now live the refreshing, stress-free lifestyle you’ve always envisioned. It’s a convenient, three-click, affordable process that will save you loads of time, money, and energy.

1. It’s so affordable, you almost won’t believe it’s real

The minimum order service is only SAR 20, I mean…

Sometimes food ordered via food-delivery apps costs more than that.

An extensive price list is available on their website and within the app, guaranteeing a consistency, always.

CleanLine offers a free delivery and pick-up service which means you only pay for the items you want serviced. Winning!

2. The more you use the app, the more discount you’ll get – thanks to the reward program

CleanLine has a reward program for all its customers that means every order allows you to earn points, these points can then be redeemed for discounts.

We’re totally about that life.

Using this laundry app is a life-changing victory that you’d have wished you found sooner.

3. Fill up the ‘Infinity Bag’ until it’s full with your usual weekly items (for only SAR 49)

The real reason some people back away from heading to a dry cleaner, is because each item is priced differently. You don’t want to pay over-the-top prices just for getting a pair of jeans washed!

The ‘Infinity Bag’ concept means customers get to fill up the bag until it’s full, CleanLine will then wash, dry and fold the items.

The best part? All of that will set you back only SAR 49. Now all your weekly garments like gym clothes, undergarments and towels will get the weekly lovin’ they deserve.

4. It’s fast and convenient – your order is delivered back to you within 24 hours (or less)

You order with three clicks. They pick up (they bring that bag too), they clean, and they deliver back within 24 hours for a standard delivery. Express delivery means you get your order back within six hours!

See what happened there? We said “you” only once!

5.You never have to overly explain your home’s location again!

Phone calls where you have to explain your location are the worst, sometimes. The city is so vast; it can sometimes be confusing to explain to delivery drivers that not all buildings have a name- and that your street is right around the corner.

Worry not, however; this genius app is so advanced that its built-in GPS can track your precise location- without you having to explain all the deets over the phone.

6. Your clothes will look and feel brand new- thanks to CleanLine’s strict quality assurance

This futuristic laundry app promises its clients the highest form of quality. So much so, that CleanLine uses all eco-friendly products and have their staff abide by a strict process to ensure that all our laundry expectations are met.

Not a lot of people will take accountability for their services too but this app has a standing offer to re-do your items for free, if you’re unhappy with it.

Where have you been all our lives?

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7. You’ll never ruin a new or favorite clothing piece ever again. Never.

Some materials have to be washed in cold water, dried a certain way and other specificities that tend to bore us all.

Not to mention the fact that certain clothing items can’t even be put in a washing machine. All the jibber-jabber is much too intense to look into but CleanLine’s expertise (through its lengthy experience in the field) is rest assured to have you sleeping in peace at night.

Forget about ever having to re-purchase an item due to accidentally ‘washing it the wrong way’ again.

Install, register and never worry about making time to do your laundry ever again

All you have to do is install the CleanLine app, then start an order by selecting the pickup and delivery times that are most convenient for you.

AND even BETTER NEWS.. First-time users get to avail half-price off your total bill by entering promo code ‘FIRSTORDER’.

Get the CleanLine app on Google Playstore here and the App Store here

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