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7 GLORIOUS Reasons To Book A Themed Suite On Your Next Weekend In Dubai

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Weekends in Dubai can be a highlight of your month, and makes for a great escape. The cosmopolitan desert city, located in the United Arab Emirates, has been a steady favorite for Saudi residents and we’re not complaining.

For frequent (or even new) travellers, we all can agree that at times, it is the hotel that adds a more memorable touch to your stay.

Hence, we’ve come up with seven brilliant reasons why you should opt for to stay in one of the incredible suites at the Aloft City Centre Deira Dubai instead of the boring ‘ole wall-to-wall hotel room, on your next visit.

1. Because you deserve it

Every-so-often in life we’re dealt with the multitudes of stress that takes place in our homes, personal relationships and even at work. In the hustle and bustle of daily living, we often forget to live life and just…be.

And a part of being is enjoying the entertainment and luxuries that we work hard for.

Alf4723Gr 249796 Agent House Suite Med
The ‘Agent House’ suite

Out of the four-themed rooms that Aloft City Centre offers, this one’s good for the traveller(s) looking to get that James Bond feel to their trip. With a solid view of the Creek and the Splash pool, fine wood as part of its elegant interior and a living room so cool you wouldn’t want to ever leave the suite.

Alf4723Gr 249797 King Agent House Suite Med

2. Because suites often come with the best view of the city

And in this case, you will be blessed with a scenic view of both the old and new Dubai.

The ‘Bollywood’ suite

For instance, the Bollywood-themed suite will probably wow you with its adorable decor. Each theme parallels completely in line with their names and this one isn’t to disappoint.

Just look at that pop of color! We can just feel the ethnic vibrancy from here.

Alf4723Gr 249798 Bollywood Suite Med

You deserve it, so WHY not book yourself a suite for a change?

Alf4723Gr 244666 Bolywood Suite Guestroom Med

3. All the suite rooms have home cinemas (which means you save up on theatre tickets)

‘Cus, you know, yolo.

Five of Aloft City Centre Deira’s most uniquely-designed themes actually have a built-in home cinema that allows you and whomever you’re traveling with, to fully enjoy movies and TV shows.

Alf4723Gr 251564 Agent House Suite Lounge Med

4. Hotel room suites have a centralised home system which means all access and control at the palm of your hand

If that’s not a futuristic and relaxing option for you to do less whilst relaxing in your hotel room suite, then we don’t know what is.

Alf4723Gr 249807 Hollywood Suite Med
The ‘Hollywood’ Suite

Much like all the other themed rooms, the Hollywood suite acts as a semi-home for you and your family during your stay. It includes a one-bedroom suite, spacious living room and two connecting rooms perfect for the kiddies.

Not to mention, that simple old Hollywood glam decor.

5. You get to up your Instagram feed game

All one really needs to up their IG game include great lighting, amazing interior and all the fun you get to share with your followers.

After all, how many times can someone say they stayed in super cool-themed suites during their travels?

Alf4723Gr 249816 King Super Hero Suite Med
The ‘Superhero’ Suite

Everybody loves superheroes, may it be your children or you living your inner child.

And this hotel is not one to disappoint as the Superhero themes make your stay a much more memorable one. They even have their very own superhero called the ‘Desert Whisperer.’

Alf4723Gr 251571 Super Hero Suite Lounge Med

6. It’ll feel like a home away from home

The slick room designs give you an ultra home-away-from-home feel that can beat no other bland, four-walled room with clean linen sheets.

And since suites are connected, they’re PERFECT for families both small and big to come and stay too!

Alf4723Gb 244665 Bollywood Suite Bathroom Med

7. Go to the cinema WITHOUT leaving the hotel

Isn’t this the dream? Aloft City Centre Deira has an entire cinematic experience including the VOX Cinemas OUTDOOR and mall connection all right on your doorstep!

Perfect for couple or mates to have a chill evening in!

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