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The Kingdom Is Hosting A Falcon Exhibition And There’s Still Two Days Left To Check It Out For Yourself

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If you don’t know, now you know.

The Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition kicked off on Tuesday in Riyadh and had already managed to garner 40,000 attendees on its second day alone, reports the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Sounds like a crazy number, right?

However, if you think about it- the Kingdom (and the region) has been fascinated with falcons from as far as history can remember. Arab nomads used to train falcons to hunt to survive the desert lifestyle, after all.

(Image Credits: Twitter/ @spagov)

Today, hunting with falcons has taken on a completely new meaning

With owners making the most of interaction with falcons due to their strength in cooler weather rather than the opposed.

Die hard falcon lovers have even kept birds worth thousands of dollars in air-conditioned special rooms, training them as part of a luxury sport with use of helium balloons and drones for training.

What visitors can expect to see at the exhibition

  • Like many other exhibitions, there will be 42 exhibitors from around the world
  • It’s located in the oasis in a huuuuge area
  • Shops, camping tools and even field trips will enjoy seeing and learning about the ancient Arabian culture and traditions with falconry
  • The event can be a learning experience due to the oasis’ featuring of the latest falconry technologies

The exhibition started on Tuesday and will continue until Saturday

From December 4-8, The Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition will run in Riyadh so if you’re an enthusiast of the sort- ready yourself to connect with international and regional falconers.

There’s basically two days left to attend!

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