Popular Resto Nozomi Closed Down Temporarily On Thursday Because Of A Weird Misunderstanding

Wait, what?

Nozomi Riyadh

The opulent and modern Japanese restaurant Nozomi in Riyadh, aka everyone's fave sushi spot, was closed down by the local municipality on Thursday after an odd allegation that it was serving rotten meat.

That misunderstanding, however; was quickly resolved and Nozomi opened its doors to a fully-booked reservation list that very same night.

Here's how it went down:

It started when Riyadh Municipality announced the closure of Nozomi after a customer complained about being served 'rotten meat'

After thorough inspection, it was understood that the meat was just dried in a cabinet to dry and age the beef- a common culinary technique

Hamza Benz, Nozomi's general manager told Arab News that an inspection by the municipality had taken place the night before which resulted in the misunderstanding that led to the restaurant's half-day closure on Thursday.

He added that through the inspection, the municipality discovered the cabinets used to dry and age the beef- a popular fine dining method that improves the texture and flavor of the meat.

"Dry aged beef tastes better, it takes a few days or weeks to improve the texture and flavor of the meat. It is common worldwide, you'll find these cabinets in most restaurants," Benz said.

The restaurant closed in the morning but re-opened to fully-reserved tables by nighttime

Thankfully, the whole thing was just a misunderstanding that has gotten cleared up.


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