OMG: Enrique Iglesias And Jason Derulo Performed In Riyadh Last Night And It Was Everything

Diriyah Concert

With many considering the ongoing Ad Diriyah E-Prix to be the biggest sporting event that the country has ever hosted, seeing the kind of acts that it had lined up on the first day we can safely say that it is surely living up to the hype.

The first night saw global icons like Enrique Iglesias and Jason Derulo performing to a mixed gathering.

Jason Derulo kicked off the night with an amazing set.

“Saudi, whassup! This is a dream come true for me!” said Derulo. “Since we are in Saudi Arabia I want to do things a little different.”

He then mesmerized the audience by performing his new song for the very first time.

When Enrique came on stage a loud roar came from the audience with some even screaming “I love you Enrique.”

He performed some of his well-known classics and some Spanish songs which the audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

His act included a salsa with a female singer, extravagant fireworks and eccentric laser displays.

With the first day closing on a high Ad Diriyah E Prix is surely living up to its expectations. Today and tomorrows concerts will see the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Amr Diab, David Guetta and OneRepublic.

Earlier today English football star Wayne Rooney tweeted that he is on the way to the Ad Diriyah E Prix

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