Gerard Butler's Appearance In Riyadh Has Been Cancelled But Fans Aren't Sure They Believe The Reason Why

Gerard Butler Cancels Premiere Appearance In Saudi

Hollywood's renowned actor Gerard Butler couldn't make it to his exclusive Saudi premiere due to a 'family emergency', as announced by VOX Cinemas KSA via their social media accounts.

Although no formal announcements were made about the actor's visit to the Kingdom earlier on, a lot of Saudi fans we're still disappointed with the update.

According to reports, the 48-year-old was meant to be in Riyadh today (Tuesday, October 9th) for the premiere of his latest movie, Hunter Killer.

(Image Credits: Instagram/ @gerardbutler)

VOX Cinemas issued an apology for the cancellation of the exclusive event

Just five hours before the supposed event, VOX Cinemas took to their social media accounts to announce that Butler wouldn't be able to make it.

"We know you were excited to see Gerard Butler but due to a family emergency he has had to cancel and would like to apologise to all his fans."

A few fans of the actor were disappointed but others didn't seem to buy the reason why he cancelled

A few fans pointed out news stories of the actor promoting his movie in a similar-like event in Tel Aviv on Monday.

Many Twitter and Instagram posts flooded with photos of and with Butler at the premiere of Hunter Killer.

The reaction from Saudi peeps pretty much went as follows...

"Family circumstances, sure"

A number of similar responses popped up under VOX' cancellation tweet.

"Apologies just 5 hours before the appearance!"

"Sad news"

"Afa" (a localised word for 'it's a pity')