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All The Info You Need Before You Visit The INCREDIBLE Heet Cave In Riyadh

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Ever wanted to discover a cave only to realise there’s crystal, unfiltered waters inside for you to bask in? 

Well, look no further, because if you’re a Riyadhi then ‘Heet Cave’ in Al- Kharj will solve that longing. 

Here are a few things to know about the majestic treasure hidden in the Kingdom before you set foot there:

Before you enter inside the cave, you’ll notice that the entrance is almost akin to the shape of an eye 

This is what gives it its name ‘Ain Heet’ wherein the word ‘Ain’ literally translates to ‘eye’.

The whereabouts of this place make it one of the easiest caves to find, as long as you’re focused

Located between Al-Kharj road and the city of Riyadh, you can find the cave by searching for an old petrol pump house near it. The exit towards it is only about 40km from Riyadh City Center going towards Al Kharj.

The entrance of Ain Heet cave is around 20 meters broad 

The closer you get, the bigger the entrance seems to get.

Climbing on the rocks might be too shard and difficult for some

Since most of these rocks aren’t fixed to the ground, you might have to be careful when taking your steps.

But once you’re there, you’ll see its pristine clear-blue waters

and realise just how worth it, it all was.

And the water is deep enough so that you don’t see the actual bottom of it 

But thankfully, the rocks (and maybe your friends) will be there to help you swim through this beautiful body of water. 

Although you have to be warned that the water in the lake isn’t always around. It might just disappear, so plan ahead and check ahead.

Things to consider before going:

  • Wear rubber shoes 
  • Swimming gear (just in case)
  • Going earlier is better, because it’s prone to getting filled by other people
  • Bring your own trash bags and make sure to carry your trash with you and thrown to a proper place. We should all strive to preserve the beauty of this cave and all of Saudi’s natural surroundings.

If you’re considering scuba diving, snorkelling or diving- make sure to bring proper equipment with you, as it can get quite difficult.

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