A Park Of EPIC Proportions Is Coming Up In Riyadh That Will Turn The City Into A Green Wonderland

King Salman Park

Riyadh for long has been termed as a concrete metropolis that rises from the desert. But that barren desert surrounding is not going to stop Riyadh from getting this colossal city park. Announced just yesterday, the park is one of the biggest urban greening projects ever attempted.

Called the King Salman Park, the park will cover an area of a whopping 13.4 square kilometers.

That makes it four times bigger than New York’s iconic Central Park.

One of the main sights to see at the park will be a vertical garden and a fountain called the Riyadh Fountains.

The King Salman Park is part of a $23 billion urban development project.

The park is set to increase the city’s green cover considerably and is set to become one of the biggest attractions in the capital.

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Mohammed Mirza

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