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6 Of The BEST Souks In Saudi Arabia That’s Worth A Visit

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Souks have an aura of medieval realness around them. Perhaps it’s the scent of oud, the blend of Arabs and foreigners or simply the great products you won’t find elsewhere… but one thing’s for sure- you can’t hate them. 

Here’s a few top souks (based on Internet reviews) that you should definitely visit: n

1. Qaisariah Souk in Al Hofuf

Located Downtown in Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia, this gem of a souk is well- loved by all locals and tourists due to its beautiful interior structures. A great place to excavate the treasures of old Arabia and roasted coffee. 

2. Gabel Street Souk in Jeddah

This souk’s existence dates back to the ’50s and going there will most definitely leave you with that nostalgic historical feel. 

3.  Souk Okaz in Taif 

The most vibrant and vivacious open air market in Taif was once the largest and famous souk from Saudi’s pre-Islamic time. Today, it is still swarmed by visitors who want to witness the FULL culture of ancient Arabia. 

4. Al Balad Souk in Jeddah 

Also known as the Gold Souk, this dazzling little area in Jeddah is a gem too precious not to see. You can shop your heart out for oud, perfumes, beautiful abayas and leave not feeling like you maxed out your wallet.

I mean, unless, you really shopped. 

5. Al Owais Souk in Riyadh 

Spoil and immerse yourself in the rich textiles and gorgeous bishts that are sold in Al Owais. Blogger, Blue Abaya, says its one of her favorite places to shop for bishts and coats (especially during winter time). 

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6. Batha’a Market in Riyadh (The Filipino Souk) 

Our Filipino brothers and sisters love this place so much, that it’s even known as The Filipino Souk. Thursday mornings are a good time to take your stroll around this place, you’ll surely grab great bargains. 

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