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8 AMAZING Photos From The Falcon Exhibition In Riyadh During Its Final Few Days

What a dream!

The Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition had its successful final date yesterday (Saturday) after more than 60,000 attendees were reported to have visited.

The four-day exhibit featured a great number of exhibitors as well as falconry enthusiasts not just in the Kingdom but the rest of the region.

And seems like it went swimmingly.

Check out these photos form the exhibit...

(All images respectively from Twitter/ @spagov)

This exhibition was actually the first of its kind in the Kingdom

Screen Shot 2018 12 09 At 11 41 26 Am
Screen Shot 2018 12 09 At 11 41 31 Am

Created by the Saudi Falcon Club to educate the youth on preserving the Kingdom's history and cultural heritage

And since falconry and hunting have been huge parts of Saudi's indigenous past customs, the club aimed at educating newer generations on the preservation of their heritage.

Screen Shot 2018 12 09 At 12 14 18 Pm
Screen Shot 2018 12 09 At 12 14 00 Pm

250 specialists from 20 countries around the world came to the event

Screen Shot 2018 12 09 At 12 13 46 Pm
Screen Shot 2018 12 09 At 12 14 07 Pm

It was a beautiful showcase

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