10 FAB Reasons To Have Your Afternoon Coffee At This Stylish Cafe In Riyadh

Vogue Cafe Riyadh

The newly opened Vogue Cafe at the Riyadh Park Mall is the perfect final stop after a good day of shopping, a study area or simply a place to take aesthetic photos.

Fashionistas in the Kingdom have been waiting for such a concept, otherwise seen in cities like London or Dubai.

Here are a few good reasons to plan your next afternoon latté sesh at Vogue:

(Image Credits: IG/ @nourah_m_r & @sosmrzq)

1. Because your takeaway cups will come in this Chanel type of monogram. Seriously.

2. Because you'll never forget how luxurious and modern minimalist the interior is

3. Because during winter, you get to take a sip and talk with friends in its outdoor space

4. Because it's a great spot to surprise a friend on their birthday

5. Because the fashion world will envelop you

6. The choice of dishes are super delicious

7. Because this wall of previous Vogue magazines are EVERYTHING

8. Because having coffee and sweets is the perfect way to re-energise in the afternoon

9. Because you'll witness the magnitude of vintage editorials

10. Because it's also a good resting stop between your shopping sprees

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Shereen Ahmed

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