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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Khaleeji Arabic Dialects?

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The Arabic language is a refined, diversified and not the easiest language to learn. Once you get to the Gulf region, you’ll also realise that there’s SO many dialects that applies to different Arab countries.

The Khaleeji (Gulf) dialect is one that is specific to countries in the Gulf, such as: Oman, Bahrain, the UAE and Kuwait.

Although they’ve got their similarities in tone (at times), if you’ve lived in this part of the world, you might have heard other Gulf countries still using different words or phrases from the other.

And even within each Gulf country, like Saudi Arabia, you’ll still find a dialect within a dialect depending on the region where people are from and what has influenced their accents, intonation and words.

So take this quiz to find out just how well you know these different dialects…

Let us know how you scored in the comments section!

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