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You Can Now Earn SAR 100,000 Just By Naming One Of Al Ula’s Rocks

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Al Ula is known for its breathtaking rock formations, many of which remained unnamed. To counter that the Royal Commission for Al-Ula has launched the “Name a Rock” competition.

According to Arab News, the competition will require participants to take a photo of a rock formation in Al-Ula and name it.

The Royal Commission has said that it hopes that the competition will “take participants to the heart of the Al-Ula” and allow them to “explore the unique and awe-inspiring rock formations that characterize the province to introduce them to the world.”

Registration for the competition will close in 2 months and the winners will be declared in December.

The one who wins the first prize will be awarded with SAR 100,000.

One of Al Ula’s most famous rock formations is the Elephant and Trophy Rock, which has become a tourist magnet. Now that is perhaps one of the only rock formations in Al Ula that has got a name.

If you think that you can come up with good names for the rock formations then you can register here.

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