#SpyArrestInSaudi Has Become A Massive Global Trending Topic Over Night

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You might have been a part of the trending hashtag #SpyArrestInSaudi last night, perhaps you were a careful spectator- or maybe you just have no darn clue about it. 

Well, two Yemeni nationals have been arrested in Riyadh for scheming an attack against the defense ministry. The alleged ISIS radicals, attempted a suicide-bombing targeting two main headquarters of the Ministry of Defense but was hindered on Monday, according to Al Arabiya. 

The men were caught with grenades, explosive belts (each weighed 7kgs) and other weapons

Saudi Press Agency says that Ahmed Yasser al-Kaldi and Ammar Ali Mohammed have been arrested for suspicion of plotting an attack, as a spy ring, was reportedly dismantled.

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The Presidency of State Security made statements about the reasons for arrest

  • The two Yemeni nationals were arrested prior to reaching the location of supposed attack
  • When caught, the two men's given names were not akin to what was 'recorded by the identity evidence seized'
  • Previously, two Saudi locals were arrested and there's a confirmed relationship in providing assistance with the two Yemenis 

After media outlets tweeted live updates of the situation, the Kingdom went into a frenzy and thus started the hashtag

Locals and expats alike expressed their unity when faced with tough times like this

The citizens and residents of the Kingdom express their loyalty and gratitude for their safety, through personal tweets...

"We will always defend and fight whoever wants to harm our country"

The government and its citizens are hand by hand through everything

Even well-known media personality, Fawaz El Sherif, tweeted:

"May Allah protect us from enemies"