Two Saudi Parents Named Their Newborn Baby A Name So Cool And The Reason Why Is Actually Really Endearing

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The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia's bond has been strong since the formation of the GCC countries decades ago. However, a recent story about a Saudi couple naming their child 'Emarat' has caught our eye, and seems to prove the unity of the two nations even more.

The Saudi parents wanted to honor the Year of Zayed, hence the naming of their baby boy 'Emarat.'

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The mother of the baby decided on her child's name a week before Emarat was due

According to Gulf News, with whom the mother spoke to, she told them Emarat was born at the Latifa Women and Children Hospital in Dubai on June 7, 2018. The couple have an odler daughter named Ayesha, 3-years-old, and have been living in the UAE for two years now.

The mother, who wishes to stay anonymous, described to Gulf News about her husband's approval of the name and its blessings from their family members in Riyadh.

Umm Emarat also praised the unity of the Saudi and Emirati nations.

This is beautiful.

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