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Three Electric Cars Are In The Works By A Saudi Electricity Company Along With Japanese Firms

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An electricity company in the Kingdom signed an agreement with three Japanese firms on Sunday to begin the “Electric Car Pilot Project”. Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) along with their contributors intend to reduce the dependency on oil and to conserve the environment (by limiting pollution from vehicles). 

Reports say that after signing the agreements for the deal, at this time, more efforts will go into the use of these kind of experiments. 

Saudi to operate with three Japanese firms 

SEC will work with these firms to study the operation of electric cars in Saudi and how to adapt them to the environment. Details of the requirements for this operation was also in discussion. 

Plans for another project have also been discussed, reports say that they want to develop a fast electric charger that will allow to charge these cars full-tank within half an hour. 

Would you drive an electric car in Saudi?

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