The Proposed Rail Link Between UAE And Saudi Is Going To Be Ready By The End Of 2021

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A senior transport official announced on Monday that the UAE and Saudi Arabia will have a rail link linking them by the end of December 2021. And yes, before you wonder... this will be both a passenger and cargo network.

(Can't the three years just pass already?)

UAE and Saudi are ready for this direct link to come forward

Abdullah Salem Al Kathiri, the director general of the Federal Authority for Land and Marine Transport was quoted by the Khaleej Times saying "By the end of December 2021, we will have a connection between us and the Saudis." 

The 1,300 mile link was already plan that has been pushed back to three years 

This 2,100km passenger and cargo network link was initially to connect all GCC countries, however; it has been pushed back to 2021 from its original completion date three years ago. 

The United Arab Emirates reportedly put a halt on part of their half of the network in 2016, as Oman intended to focus instead on building a domestic network.

A few projects in the Middle East have been put on hold as producers of oil in the region are dealing with low crude prices and the rise of budget deficits.

Regardless, this might be all of us by the time the rail link is complete

Assuming, of course, that it could cost less than flights. 

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