The Muroor Is Giving Those With Several Traffic Violations Six Months To Settle The Fines

Muroor Saudi Fines

The Directorate General Of Traffic, more commonly known as the Muroor, is giving traffic violators who haven't settled their fines a chance to pay those back within six months, or they're subject to face the court, reports Saudi Gazette.

Anyone with pending violations are being given the chance to settle them otherwise they're subject to face legal charges.

If you'd been warned about your violation for more than six months, your fines might accumulate

The Muroor announced that individual violator will have their computer services shut down until the fines are dealt with.

In addition, the violations that can get someone sent to court is an accumulated fine that reaches SAR 20,000 or if six months have already passed since the violator was first informed about the violation.

If your fines have reached SAR 20,000, the violator has a month to pay it all back otherwise he/she will be sent to court.

Other details that mean you could be pulling a traffic violation

  • Leaving your car open with the engine running is considered a violation and can get you fined up to SAR100-SAR150
  • Leaving children under 10 years of age unattended and alone in a vehicle can get you fined SAR 300- SAR 500
  • Using your phone while driving or crossing a tunnel without switching on lights is a violation wherein a driver can be fined up to SAR500-SAR 900
  • If you're asked to show your driving license or the car registration to the muroor and you refuse it, you can be fined SAR 1,000- SAR 2,000
  • Drug and alcohol use while driving can lead to a high fine of SAR 5,000- SAR 10,000.

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