The Man Who Pretended To Be A Saudi Prince For 20 Years Got Caught Due To One Odd Instagram Post

Not-so halal.

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More details about the Miami man who pretended to be a member of the Saudi royal family for years have been revealed. In a full report by The Daily Mail, it was discovered that the lead-up to Anthony Gignac's eventual arrest started from his bizarre stories and a peculiar Instagram post.

He managed to pose as a Saudi royal for 20 years

When in reality, the Colombian-born, 47-year-old Gignac was adopted by two parents from Michigan. Gignac's scams were reported to have begun way back in 1991, wherein he managed to defraud a hotel and various companies, resulting in $10,000 worth of money.

The story clearly doesn't end here as Gignac also managed to live in a penthouse, with luxury cars and traveled in private jets he deemed his own.

He posted photos of his lavish lifestyle in a personal Instagram account.

It wasn't long until one of his prospective new scam victims noticed something strange and dug deeper

The fake royal's representatives had contacted Jeffrey Soffer of Turnberry Associates, pretending to invest $440 million in Miami's Fountainebleau resort. Following a meeting with Soffer, Gignac introduced himself as Saudi Prince Khalid bin Al-Saud.

Months went by and Soffer grew more and more suspicious of Gignac who continually boasted about his diplomatic privileges. But what really stuck with him (urging him to dig a little deeper) was seeing a supposedly-Muslim Gignac consuming dishes that contained non-halal ingredients.

He went under the name '@princedubai_07' on Instagram and usually showed his collection of Rolexes, fine-dining and luxury living.

Soffer had the Fontainebleau's security team research into Gignac and discovered that he was, indeed, a fraud

Federal authorities were then contacted by Soffer who inducted their own investigation into the scammer. Throughout the investigation, they found out that his 'diplomatic' license plates were fake (bought off of eBay), he had many different aliases and forged documents, wads of dollars in cash and even financial papers under the name of a Saudi royal family member.

He never showed his face on any of the Instagram posts

Gignac has now pleaded guilty to charges of impersonating a foreign diplomat, identity theft and conspiracy to commit fraud. His sentencing will take place in August.

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