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The Kingdom Is Issuing Tourist Visas For The First Time Effective From Next Month

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Behold, behold! 

Tourist visas to the Kingdom will be issued from the first of April 2018, and no this is no April Fools joke. Although the date could ironically deem otherwise. The great Saudi Arabia is soon going to allow visitors from other countries who wish to sightsee, business travellers, pilgrims and relatives into its arms.

According to an article by Express, the near-approaching move is just one of the nation’s great actions toward its Vision 2030’s plan to have 30 million visitors per year. 

Women above 25 will even be issued single 30-day-entry tourist visas 

…that doesn’t require a male chaperone. For the first time. 

So, thought about who you’re inviting to visit yet?

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