The First Case Of Harassment Against Women Drivers In The Kingdom Has Been Reported On Sunday

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The Saudi police reported the first harassment against a female driver on Sunday since the ban was lifted. According to Saudi Gazette, the offender was pardoned at the request of the victim.

Samar Khan, dean of the College of Business at Effat University in Jeddah, reported the harassed to the police. In her statement, she mentioned that the man (in his 20s) was endangering her life while he bothered her on her way to work.

The police then immediately managed to track the harasser through his plate number and called him to the police station.

The young harasser apologised for his actions

The man stated his regret towards his actions, adding that the didn't realise the danger he was putting Khan through.

Samar encouraged women drivers in Saudi to stand up for themselves if this happens with them too

I believe I taught the harasser a lesson that he won’t forget. I demanded that he respect women everywhere. I felt sorry when his older brother lowered his head and began crying. His father and mother were also crying. I decided to forgive the harasser to spare his family from the humiliation. The police were very cooperative with me and they caught him within hours. I don’t have the right to publicize the harasser’s name or his picture.

Samar Khan (via Saudi Gazette)

Anyone in the Kingdom who harasses female drivers is subject to either imprisonment or heavy fines

Saudi authorities are not taking the issue of harassing lightly, whatsoever. If anyone is caught harassing female drivers they could face jail time of up to two years and fines that reach up to SAR100,000.

And it gets worse, if you repeatedly keep doing it.

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