The Border Guard Is Now Recruiting Saudi Women To Join Them And With A Few Specific Requirements Only

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Saudi women are being recruited to work in the Border Guard, as announced by the Directorate General of the Border Guard. Though there are some set requirements for the opportunity, registrations and applications are open to all Saudi women from June 24 to 30, reports Saudi Gazette.

Specific conditions required to apply

  • The female applicants must be born and raised in the Kingdom
  • No government employees (or anyone who has served in the military or have been terminated from service.)
  • Have a good reputation
  • Must hold the independent national ID
  • Have to fit a specific heigh range, in this case, being a minimum of 160cm (for outdoor jobs) and 155cm (for other positions, as long as the weight is proportionate to height.)
  • They can't be married to non-Saudis
  • Must hold a high-school diploma or anything equivalent to, at least
  • Certificates issued from outside Saudi should be equivalent to that of the Ministry of Education

Lastly, they must pass all the necessary steps and procedures for admission as well as the interview.

Thinking of applying, ladies?

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