The Arab Summit Held In Dhahran Called To Investigate Into The Chemical Attacks In Syria

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The 29th Arab League summit, now referred to as the "Jerusalem Summit", concluded the Dhahran Declaration, asking for unified actions to protect the Arab region from trouble and ensure safety and peace. Several leaders asked for a non-aligned, global probe into the chemical attacks that affected many innocent civilians in Syria, reports Saudi Gazette.

The Arab leaders concluded on the following...

  • They demanded Iran to withdraw its militias from Arab countries, distinctly both Syria and Yemen. 
  • They asserted their commitment to complying with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the Charter of the Arab League. Most leaders also stressed on maintaining respect and optimistic cooperations with other countries to ensure stability and security as each individual country develops.
  • They stressed on the vital need in finding a 'political solution' to put a halt to the crisis in Syria, to aid in alleviating its people from human suffering. 

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