STC And Mobily Have Increased The Prices For Their Data Packages By Up to 50%

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Saudi telecommunications companies STC and Mobily have increased the price of their data packages by up to 50%, according to Makkah Arabic newspaper. There was a noticeable halt in the sales of data cards last week, for 600 and 300 gigabyte data packages as it goes into preparation for a hike in rates.

The new price hike has no legal support or precedent. It reflects the market monopoly led by the main telecom service provider with the support of other companies, and it shows they can increase the prices at any time they wished

Ibrahim Al- Asheikh, chairman of the Communications and Information Technology Comittee (via Saudi Gazette)

STC charges SAR100 for 10 gigabytes data package per month 

and SAR350 for over 300 gigabytes, and a lawyer Dr. Ahmed Al- Oudli asks to confront thse price hikes to prevent them from raising higher in the future. Mobily provides SAR90 for a 10 gigabyte package per month and SAR 500 for a three-month 300 gigabyte subscription of data.

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