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Smoking At Workplaces In Saudi Now Has A Huge Fine Attached To It

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Smoking at workplaces wasn’t a rare sight in Saudi but that is set to change now that it has been banned.

According to online portal Stepfeed, the Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, announced last week that smoking at workplaces has effectively been banned at all offices in the country.

The Kingdom already had an anti-smoking law in place from way back in 2015.

The new ban doesn’t limit itself to cigarettes as any tobacco products including shisha have also been banned at offices.

Al Rajhi has even pointed out that any company that continues to allow smoking on their premises will be held accountable in violation of the existing ban.

The ban comes with a hefty fine as well and those caught will have to shell out up to SAR 5,000.

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