Schools Are Closed For The Arab League Summit Today And This Is Why It's A Highly- Anticipated 'Meeting' In The Region

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Schools in Dhahran, as well as Aramco employees are enjoying a day off today as the Arab League Summit makes its way into welcoming Arab leaders to the Kingdom once again. The Arab League Summit 2018 is the Arab League's 29th summit that is being held in Dhahran today (Sunday, instead of its initial location being Riyadh. 

Some roads were closed off for traffic and safety measure in the Dammam-Dhahran-Khobar region, reports say. 

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More than 600 journalists are expected to cover the summit 

Many issues rose this past year and some of those Arab-turned-international issues will be discussed by leaders at the summit. Hence, the heavy involvement of the media in covering the Arab League Summit as extensively as possible this year. 

Saudi Gazette reports that 600 journalists, with 450+ of them from outside Saudi are going to report the event in both digital and print. 

Among several Arab leaders, Dubai's HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum has already arrived to the Kingdom for the summit 

He was spotted at the Dhahran mall on Sunday and this immediately turned into a trending topic all over Saudi Arabia. He is leading the delegation for the United Arab Emirates during the summit.

The Prince of Kuwait was also welcomed at the airport 

King Salman tweeted out his gratitude for the great efforts of leaders from the region 

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is pleased with the meeting of the Brothers in theArab Leaguewhich the efforts and sincere intentions of the unity of the visions are intertwined and that all challenges are dealt with by force, will and joint coordination."

Discussions that will take place at this year's Arab Summit 2018

Many of the leaders will discuss a range of recent occurrences in the Arab world and arrange solutions to most conflicts or prevention of negative repercussions. Among the topics reported to be discussed is the longstanding Arab-Israeli conflict and situations with Iran and Turkey. 

This is the first time that Arab League summit members are meeting in one place since most GCC countries cut its diplomatic ties with Qatar 10 months ago. 

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