Saudi Women Can Now Apply To Work As Air Hostesses With A Local Airline That Has Started Its Hiring Process

P.S. There's a couple of positions for Saudi men too.

Cabin Crew

If you've ever dreamed of being a wandering soul, exploring all the world's got to offer then listen up because an opportunity has just presented itself...

Fly A Deal Airlines has announced openings for 20 Saudi women to work with it as air hostesses, reports Saudi Gazette.

The airline was established in 2016, and is ALSO looking to hire around 15 Saudi males to join the cabin crew.

Saudi women who want to join the airline, just have to look into a couple of details...

Firstly, women (who are Saudi nationals) between the ages 23-30 can apply.

Applications for the jobs have commenced on Wednesday and is open until the end of the month (September 30th).

Those interested in applying, can head on to the airline's official website.

Other requirements include...

  • Female applicants have to be holders of a diploma degree, at the least
  • Height shouldn't be less than 160cm
  • The applicant should also know how to effectively communicate and write in English
  • Have swimming skills for about 50 meters

So if you think you've got what it takes, click click click and apply.

This isn't the first time that Saudi women have been a part of the air industry

Now, it's not a complete rarity to find a Saudi woman working as a stewardess in the Middle East but it's great to know that opportunities for local women are opening up.

Just recently, five Saudi women were given their General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) piloting licenses. The GACA licenses will enable those women to work with both private and commercial air companies.

In March this year, Saudi authorities started training programs for Saudi women interested in becoming air controllers. Actual pilot training scholarship programs have started too.

Hopefully, we keep seeing more and more of these progressions and inclusion of Saudi women in the workforce.

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