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Saudi Implements Move Permit System Starting This Tuesday

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You Will Soon Need A Permit To Leave Your Home In Saudi During Curfew Hours

Saudi is introducing a movement permit, which anyone excluded from the curfew will be required to have before leaving their homes.

According to Arab News, the move permit will be introducing starting this Tuesday at 3pm.

The movement permit follows a similar model in use in Dubai, whereby residents request permission to go to the supermarket, the pharmacy or for any medical-related emergencies. However, in this case, the people are who are excluded from the curfew will need to get the permit.

A spokesperson for the Ministry for Health on Saturday confirmed there are a total of 8274 COVID-19 cases in The Kingdom including 6853 active cases and 78 critical cases.

A reminder that the first line of defence is our personal hygiene: stay safe and wash your hands!

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