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‘Son Of A Dog’ Trended All Over Saudi Twitter During The Final Last Night

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It’s safe to say that most of the Middle East and fans of Egyptian footballer Mohammed Salah and the team Liverpool were enraged with last night’s events. During the Champions League final in Kiev on Saturday, many witnessed Mo Salah’s arm being grabbed by Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid and was tackled down. 

The match resulted in a 3-1 with Real Madrid ahead of Liverpool. 

Most of the region were absolutely enraged by this and trending topics quickly took over Twitter, like wildfire.

Mohammed Salah was left in tears, according to The Independent, after suffering a shoulder injury from the incident. He laid without motion on the pitch, with his left arm extended.  

The words ‘son of a dog’, Ramos’ and Mo Salah’s names were among the top trending hashtags on Sunday 

Thousands of tweets erupted on the social media platform, with everyone expressing Ramos’ move as unacceptable, while others argue it might have not been intentional.

“He knew exactly what he was doing. He pulled and held Salah’s arm.”

Many are referring to the game Spanish footballer played as ‘dirty’

“He’s the football embodiment of winning ugly.”

While other football fanatics had their doubts about the popular notion…

“Love him or hate him. He’s one of the best CB’s in the world.”

Arab fans in the region are showing him lots of love and support during this time

“You will always be the hero.”

“Never give up”

“We are proud of you”

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