Preparations To Raise The Speed Limit From 120 To 140 Seems To Already Have Taken Place

And Saudi peeps are questioning if this is a good or bad thing for drivers here.

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Three months ago, news circulated that The Ministry of Interior were in talks to increase the speed limit to 140kph in the Kingdom. A photo has now spun the web of what appears to be the preparations taking place in the streets. 

Saudi residents have said their divided opinion via Twitter on the latest addition on the streets..

Here are a few of them...

“One of the best decisions”

“Even if they raise it to 260, our people will hit 280, we just love breaking the rules for some reason”

“I hope they don’t, it’s enough what’s already happening in the streets”

“If that’s the case, they should revise existing violations and cancel them, we hope this happens”

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