Motorists Take Note! Riyadh Drivers Might Be Hit With Toll Gates Around Pretty Soon

The ministry is currently considering a proposal to introduce road tolls in Saudi.

Road Tolls In Saudi

Before you freak out from that title though, it may be worth noting that Saudi (as of now) is only considering to introduce road tolls by 2020.

On Thursday, Arabian Business released an announcement entailing the Ministry of Transportation's plans to bring forth the tolls in in two years.

They say that six roads in the Kingdom's capital Riyadh are designated to have tolls

The Minister of Transport Nabil Al-Amoudi told AB that Riyadh is being suggested to have tolls by the beginning of 2020. A report recommends that the Kingdom privatise its transportation projects as part of the Vision 2030.

The proposed road toll fee will soon be submitted to the high commissioner for approval after the study for tolls in Saudi is done.

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