Miami Authorities Are Searching For A Suspected Man Who Might Be Involved In The Murder Of A Saudi Student

May he rest in peace.

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A murder investigation has been launched following the murder of a Saudi student who was found dead in his Florida apartment, reports Arab News. The 23-year-old Yasser Abualfaraj's body was discovered by a roommate at his apartment on Sunday, located right across the University of Miami.

According to reports, the Miami-Dade Police Department stated that Abualfaraj's body was discovered with "multiple signs of trauma." Abualfaraj left his hometown Jeddah to pursue a degree in architecture at the University of Miami in 2015.

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The murder investigation is still in its early stages but authorities are trying to move fast

Arab News reports that the case was now an open investigation and that a medical autopsy will soon take place. Although the motive isn't clear yet, the Miami-Dade police are now looking to bring in a man for questioning, along with a photo of him.

The man was last seen at the early hours of the morning.

University students cancelled classes on Monday to mourn Abualfaraj

A vigil was help for Abualfaraj by his college cohorts and the university staff a day after his body was discovered.

The family of Yasser Abualfaraj has been notified about the tragic incident.

The Saudi Embassy in Washington is also following up with the investigation while providing adequate aid to his family.