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The Main Cause Of Road Accidents In Saudi Arabia Has Been Revealed And It Is Hardly A Shocker

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While traffic authorities have been working hard on reducing the number of road accidents in Saudi Arabia (and they have, in fact, been reduced) there is no denying that rate is rather high.

In fact, studies reported that in 2017 alone, there was a car accident every minute in Saudi Arabia

This was, however, a decline from the 9,000 deaths due to car accidents in 2016.

Traffic authorities have stated that some safety systems in all vehicles as of 2018 models have now been made compulsory and many other safety standards and specifications have also been introduced and updated.

Their most recent reports also reveal that the main cause of accidents on the roads were using mobile phones or not concentrating while driving

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) said it recorded 161,242 accidents with their survey.

It has appealed to drivers to comply with safety instructions and regulations, and in particular, to avoid using mobile phones while driving and to wear seatbelts.

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