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Jailed And Penalised: A Woman’s Photos Have Landed A Man Behind Bars

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A man in Saudi not only got sentenced to ten months in prison but SO many more after threatening a girl after receiving photos of her.

According to The Court of Appeal in the Makkah region, since extortion is obvs illegal in Saudi that the man would not just go to prison for almost a year but deal with a SAR 100,000 fine.

It doesn’t stop there..

Mhm, praise the judicial system for they’ve also served the man an immediate cancellation on all his mobile data contracts.

What a step and move in the right direction!

Saudi is progressing and putting women’s rights at the forefront

Apart from the many reforms intended to serve the women of the Kingdom, this case is a finite example of how just how Saudi is prioritising women’s rights.

Private matters like this have long been a serious issue in the Gulf region, with women usually afraid to come forward and The Court’s position on the penalisation shows how far things have changed.

Multiple men are even standing behind their Saudi sisters on this one

“He deserves it, he’s not even a man.”

“He deserves it. This should happen to all the people who do the same thing, 10 months and more.”

While some believe it is both the man and the woman’s fault

“Unfortunately only the guy has been punished, the girl is supposed to be punished too cause she sent pictures and put herself in this situation.”

‘Are they not going to punish her? They both made mistakes’

But the dish was serves best by this user

…who said that this occurrence would live as a lesson for others.

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