It Looks Like Saudi's Favorite Fast-Food Franchise Will Make Its Way To Bahrain Soon

Al Baik Bahrain

It seems that everyone's friendly local fast-food place, Al Baik, is extending itself to the global market- starting with the neighbouring Kingdom of Bahrain.

Trade Arabia confirms that on the last day of the annual air show in Bahrain, the Bahrain Airport Company sealed a deal with Oriental Yields Company's Chairman Fawaz Al Tamimi to franchise the eater, starting at the Bahrain International Airport.

Al Baik's first branch in Bahrain aligns with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 that aims to encourage local companies to expand to the global markets.

Users on the discussion website, Reddit, weighed in on their excitement to finally get to try the popular Saudi alternative to KFC.

Al Baik confirmed the news on Friday via Twitter

The originally Jeddah-based fast-food franchise has opened up in more than 80 locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and even in other parts of the world.

However, it has yet to set up shop in neighbouring Gulf countries- oddly enough- until now.

Bahrain's residents are always ready for something new

...and Al Baik's announcement is of no exception

The first branch will open at the Bahrain International Airport, for starters

A user by the name 'Khaloodz' asked a very important question about all this

And the answer did not disappoint...

Residents of the neighbouring island seem to be interested in more Saudi-owned companies too

'I hope this is a sign that Jarir Bookstore is coming too."

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