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Gasoline Costs In Saudi Arabia Could Increase To 80% And The People Have Reacted

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According to a report by Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia is soon to apply plans that ‘will phase out subsidies for gasoline and jet fuel’. The proposed initiation to this is by November. 

An anonymous source, reportedly, told Bloomberg that the government would “boost the prices of petrol to level with different international prices.” So, that could be SAR 1.35 per litre, with an 80% increase, according to the source. 

It could increase from November this year

Or a delay might take place and move it to early 2018. A final decision has not yet been made, as that is also expected to take place between September-October.  Reports earlier this year mentioned that a 30% increase would happen this summer, but it has not taken place.  

Official confirmation was attempted to obtain by Bloomberg, but they received no response yet. 

So could it… or could it not be true?

Some people in Saudi Arabia hope not, some are kind of alright dealing with it (if ever)

Residents in Saudi Arabia responded on social media 

Although it isn’t confirmed yet, divided opinion has already taken place on Twitter (and some are hilarious)

“So, should I sell my Yukon?”

Some are even googling this:

Some have thought up alternatives..

Others are not bothered

“What else?”

And, of course, the rest is hoping the story is false

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