Tourists' First Impressions Of Saudi Was Summed Up In A Hugely Positive Tweet

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Living in Saudi makes you sometimes forget the privilege endowed upon us. From our SAR5 shawarmas, kabsa and sights like the Edge of The World and the constant mall life- the Kingdom has a way with making you feel like home. 

When we leave Saudi Arabia, however, we remember all the things we'll miss about the country and no matter where you are- you're sure to come back. Every tourist should experience the hospitality of the people themselves, explore the historic sights, witness the wonders of the deserts and flow with the waves of the Red Sea.

This tourist probably did, or not. But his tweet perfectly summed up what we all already know. (Insert hashtag lovin saudi here). 

Michael Novogratz from New York tweeted 'I came with a static view of the place. I was wrong.' 

The response to his tweet were mostly positive (with a few negative ones)

A lot of the comments were actually positive, with a few judgements from others. But this really shows that people from the West wanted to see for themselves the progression and developments of the Kingdom through recent reforms. 

And well, once you've caught a glimpse of living here, you can very well relate to these once you leave...

Well, these would probably apply if you lived here for more than a year. At most.

And there's probably more to add to that list.

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