The Top 6 Places To Get Unreal Waffles In Jeddah

Go on, get tasting!

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Is it just us or are waffles making a comeback?

With lashings of cream, chocolate or syrup these guys aren't going to win any healthy eating awards but they're so frickin' delicious you just have to treat yourself once in a while.

Here are the few we reckon are worth the few extra minutes (or hours?) on the treadmill...

1. Karak & Waffle 

Recommended: Try their lotus waffles and coffee!

2. The Crepe Cafe

Recommended: Waffles with nutellas, bananas and ice cream. You won't forget it.

3. Solo Coffee

Recommended: Some people swear they might just have the best waffles in Jeddah, especially the banana caramel one

4. Dip N Dip

Recommended: Waffle stick dipped in chocolate!

5. Mugg & Bean 

Recommended: Waffle with vanilla ice cream and nutella choco

And last but not least....

6. Brew92

Recommended: Fried. CHICKEN. WAFFLES. 


Ready to try any of these places out?