The Top 12 Most Frequently Used Apps In Saudi Have Been Revealed By Lovin Saudi Readers

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As of 2016, Saudi's population has come up to almost 32.3 million people, which can only mean that more than half that population probably use phones in their day-to-day living.

Mobile applications have become a rather useful tool in our lives, wether it's for sharing photos or simply trying to figure out a new local spot for dinner.

Hence upon asking you guys, our Lovin readers, the one app you couldn't live without in the Kingdom, a lot had pretty interesting answers.

The one app you can't live without in Saudi is...

1. Google Maps

According to SimilarWeb, Google Maps is actually the second most used iPhone app in Saudi Arabia with a high ranking of 9. Makes sense why this helpful and life-saving app would be on our list, especially in Saudi, with roads and areas so large in size.

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2. Hunger Station

The food delivery app is another one of the more famous and widely-used apps in the country. It caters and delivers food to many areas around the Kingdom too.

3. WhatsApp

The messaging app has completely revolutionised the manner in which most of us now communicate, so it's got to have its props right?

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4 & 5. Uber and Careem

The car-hailing apps, Uber and Careem, is another app we all take complete advantage of.

Now that we have female drivers who can drive women to their destined locations, what more could we ask for?

6. Twitter

Global Media Insight's survey showed that 52% of the Kingdom's population uses Twitter, that's roughly 17.96 million people on a single platform.

It is the place we voice our opinions, demand for change, praise key achievements, show national pride and partake in those highly-entertaining trending topics.

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7. Fortnite

The popular PC/Xbox battle game Fortnite has made its way to mobile phones and since it's free, Saudi residents and gamers are making the most of it.

8. Instagram


9. Snapchat

Snapchat spurted out of nowhere a few years back and it has now been one of our favorite ways to share the contents of our day with friends and family members. The private/public options for this is also useful for those who don't want to be too public or 'out there'.

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10. YouTube

Another duh moment.

11. IMO

Our very own Arab FaceTime. Okay, well it's not exactly an Arab-produced app but it's still a tremendous and less crowded version of chat apps like Skype and FaceTime.

12. Absher

Thanks to the Absher app, residents of the Kingdom have an easier way to access the services of the Absher portal in Saudi. Plus, it's available in both the English and Arabic language.

Other notable mentions:

  • FourSquare
  • UberEats
  • Desertcart
  • Waze

What's your favorite app (that might not already be on this list)?

Share it with us via the comments section

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