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On Monday, the internet exploded with the news of Saudi Arabia's recent measures being taken with Canada over its interference on the Kingdom's internal affairs.

The news made global headlines with additional news being announced throughout the week of diplomatic ties being severed.

Here's the story so far.

Why it started

The decision, according to several reports, comes after the Canadian embassy interfered in the Kingdom's internal affairs. The Foreign Policy Twitter account of Canada released a tweet that had asked of the Saudi government to release human rights activists.

After which, Saudi's Ministry of Interior responded with a series of tweets expressing its reaction towards Canada's interference on the Kingdom's internal affairs. Immediately, the Canadian ambassador in Riyadh, Dennis Horak, was asked to leave Riyadh within twenty-four hours.

Saudi residents retorted to the occurrence via Twitter and expressed their sentiments.

Within the same day, Saudi suspended diplomatic relations with Canada. All commercial and investment transactions between Ottawa and Saudi Arabia were suspended.

Flights by Saudia airlines, the national airline of Saudi, to Toronto were stopped effective Wednesday.

Bahrain was one of the first countries to express support for the Kingdom

Bahrain, released their support, in a statement by its press agency. Soon, the UAE followed while the US has expressed neutrality on the matter.

All Saudi scholars were asked to relocate outside of Canada

Saudi students currently on a scholarship in universities all over Canada were asked to transfer to other countries. All government-funded scholarships for Saudis are being stopped for the meantime until the estimated 15,000 students and their family members are transferred, according to Al Arabiya.

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Saudi patients in Canadian hospitals were also asked to relocate on Wednesday

An announcement reports that medical Saudi patients receiving treatment in Canada hospitals are asked to relocate in hospitals anywhere outside of Canada.

Reports say Canada is asking the UAE and UK to help mediate the conflict between the Kingdom

anada will ask the UAE to intervene and mediate after Saudi suspended diplomatic ties with Canada this week.

According to new reports, Canada is looking to the UAE and Britain to help defuse the situation, following a freeze of business ties, Saudi flights suspensions and Saudi students studying abroad in Canada being transferred to other countries.

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