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A Man Selling ‘Kleeja’ Has Gone Viral After Attracting A LOT Of Attention

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This year’s annual Janadriyah Festival, naturally, entertained the entire Kingdom in more ways than one. This time around, a Saudi man selling kleeja (Saudi dish) at the festival became a trending topic on Twitter for his seemingly good looks. 

Women tweeted photos of him during the festival from afar, eventually getting the hashtag  to form. 

The Twitter posts mostly consist of people in awe of his striking appearance

A new tweet, adding to the hashtag, is posted almost every two seconds 

Tweets have been pouring in non-stop all Monday.

Paparazzi-style shots of him during the festival surfaced from hundreds of Tweeps

Fan-girling to its extreme.

And although a lot agreed on his aesthetics, like…

However, not all women shared the same view 

With many others saying the situation was overrated and getting a little out of hand. 

They even managed to find him and ask if he was married

“I am Mansour…and we’ve met before…” (to the guy)
The interviewer says “Before anything…are you married or not? To which he replied, “No.”

This situation has blown up so much it was featured on Al Arabiya 

Oh yeah.

‘Thank God he isn’t married otherwise his wife would have had a stroke from this attention’

A day in the life of Twitter.

We just want to know, genuinely, was the kleeja delicious though?

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